And of course Ill never forget the vampire next door

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Remake, reboot, sequel or prequel - these are magical words, to the sound of which a lot of reviewers and moviegoers react with allergies.

Less freshness, less originality only "reheated chops". In general, I prefer to look at the level of these productions than the mere fact that they are in a way based on ideas that have already been played. It's a bit like a song cover.

Some are better, others are worse, and everything rests in the hands of the performer. Netoasis Also in the cinema everything depends on the vision and appropriate approach of the creators to the original. "Fright Night" is a remake of the 1985 production. The film presents the story of the struggle of an ordinary teenager with a vampire, who as if nothing else, lived in the house next door.

Oh, an ordinary neighbor who likes to drink ... blood from time to time. Nowadays, vampires in the cinema are not easy, because can you like a bloodsucker about the appearance of Edward from the Twilight Saga? I honestly doubt it. Colin Farrell is trying to change this state of affairs. His Jerry is a real answer to the desires of adolescent, but still enthusiastic prose fans of Mrs. Mayer. He just drips with sex, is able to break every woman's heart with one glance, and he has an idea of ​​backyard hydraulics - a boy's dream. Unfortunately, the undemanding night-life brand is trying to disrupt the chucherko from the neighborhood, which begins to suspect that the strange disappearance of classmates may be related to the new tenant. Colin Farrell, Anton Yelchin DreamWorks SKGGaeta / Rosenzweig FilmsMichael De Luca ProductionsReliance Big Entertainment The director of the very successful "Lars and the Real Girl" cleverly mixes humor with elements of horror.

And this in some places will scoff at genre clichés, and it will gently smile at pastiche fans.

There are some holes and illogicalities in the script, but if we turn a blind eye to them, we'll have a lot of fun. The biggest advantage of the film is the Farrell mentioned. He seems created for his role. Although Jerry, unlike Cullen, is ruthless, he does not know what existential and love dilemmas are, and he can do a lot for the next liter of blood, but at the same time he cannot deny his undoubted charm.

David Tennant does a great job as a showman, juggler and vampireologist in one. Peter Vincent has something of the image and eccentricity of a typical rockman, but he can also take care of his precious four letters. It shines in almost every scene where it appears. Imogen Poots should also be devoted a few words. Though Amy is equally seductive and appealing to Craig Gillespie, she can't be locked in a cavernous eye candy drawer at any time. Associations with Emma Stone are self-evident. Both talented, with charisma, unusual beauty, with each subsequent production more and more clearly mark their presence in the minds of viewers around the world. Against this background, Anton Yelchin looks quite pale as a young vampire hunter. It's a little bland and without flash. As for music, it accompanies events on the screen very well.

Another solid soundtrack from Ramin. Imogen Poots, Anton Yelchin DreamWorks SKGGaeta / Rosenzweig Films Michael De Luca Productions Reliance Big Entertainment The release on the blue disc finally deprived me of the doubt that currently there is practically no discrepancy between film releases in the 1.85: 1 ratio (the image occupies the entire screen) and those in 2.35 : 1 (two black stripes).

Even 5-6 years ago, the number of details between productions in these two proportions differed significantly to the detriment of the former. Today, such deviations in video quality practically do not take place. Audio is above average. The crystal-clear sound in DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 with excellent source location builds great voltage when you need it. Lovers of rain of additional materials will be unfortunately disappointed. A word of summary.

A successful remake that proves that new versions of old hits are still right and can provide some entertainment at a decent level. .