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Blood was pouring down in torrents.

Tripe rot cut off between the members. People dying scream loud, and between them stands, panting slightly, comely woman, in yellow, tight-fitting costume.

Is that what I have summarized the scene in a horror movie gore? Of course not.

This scene is straight out of the cult film director Quentin Tarantino's bloody telling of the Blood wendetcie Bride. "Kill Bill" because it is the title of this production, it caused a sensation around the world.

This sensation was often revealed to the disgust or less favorable reviews, but more often by the admiration and praise for the brilliant creator of "Pulp Fiction." Having had a handful of Asian cinema and spaghetti westerns director gave vent to their childhood dreams, just shaking the image. It is clear that he knows how to play with cinema, and at the same time creates a sensational productions that long remain in the memory of viewers. Despite the fact that "Kill Bill" to the best films Tarantino rather not include it on the background of other films of this type, shimmers like a neon sign. What exactly is it that impresses many viewers around the globe? First, the main character of the film, the Bride.

Vengeful, cold and ruthless killer who is only on his own sword (in this case you have to pay tribute to Hattoriemu Hanzo). It seeks to kill all their tormentors, who "took off" from the world of all her loved ones, including a failed husband and unborn child. It is extremely systematic in what he does, and we are very excited, accompanying her in the expedition, which will soon begin in the mind called "bloody carnage Platoon Death Vipers." Despite the fact that the bride is here prominent villain, however, from the beginning to the end we hold her, knowing what you and who takes revenge. We know that when her captors will die, the world will become much better. Second, the victims of the Black Mamba. Cream actor who plays the creations Platoon members to write down extremely well.

Vivica A. Fox fits perfectly into domestic roles naughty housewife, just a pity that she died in such an idiotic way, by its own fault. On the other hand, Daryl Hannah plays here at ease, though without much effort, adding his own little form of charisma. I do not know why, but it reminds me of places Quenama character of "The Departed." Perhaps both performance combines charisma mentioned.

Lucy Liu. Apart from the great Uma Thurman, that he is the strongest point of the cast. Until it was a pleasure to look at so small and inconspicuous young lady in the role of ruthless yakuza boss. And when the argument began its punishing one of his co-workers, they passed shivers up the back. It is also worth mentioning the role of Julie Dreyfus in his right hand above-mentioned yakuza boss. The other actors, plays the characters of villains, this is Michael Madsen and David Carradine, who plays the title Bill, appeared only moments, so it is difficult to assess, as came out in this section. Thirdly wielogatunkowość.

Practically in the film they come together all film genres. Karate and kung fu (the whole sequence in the House of Blue Leaves), thriller (initial stage), the elements of comedy (conversation with Bill Elle), not forgetting the anime (see "Origin of O-Ren).

The director was able to deftly put together all the elements of what came out really great. Until such a nice movie to watch. I think this production will not be recommending anyone, probably because most ordinary Internet users and the movie already had time to see. One thing I know for sure: Tarantino did not disappoint his fans. .

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