In the service of Satan

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Hollywood apparently decided to exploit on the comic book characters as much as possible. In theaters it has just started filming another title immortal Marvel - Ghost Rider. It tells the story of a motorcycle stuntman, Johnny Blaze, who in his youth signed a pact with the devil. After several years of Satan he admonished for his soul, transforming it into a powerful servant - monster flaming skull, which traverses the streets at night in search of sinners. The devil also gives Johnny to fulfill a mission, through which he can save his soul. Must find and destroy the demon Blackheart, who plans to take over the world. The filmmakers do not allow the viewer to get bored even for a moment in less than two hours. Fighting, chases and stunt performances are on the agenda. This does not mean, unfortunately, that the "Ghost Rider" keeps you in suspense. Sequence of events is very predictable, not for a moment doubt that everything tends inevitably to the joyous finale, where love and courage triumphs. Disgust may raise additional issues infantile expressed by most of the characters. Watching the film, I felt that it would gain more in my eyes, I looked at him in a language unknown to me - then I would not have to hear about these dyrdymałów destiny and choices in life.

 The main strength of "Ghost Rider" are special effects. Some scenes in the film are stunning his swing. Transformed blaze burning on a motorcycle leaves only ashes and conflagration. He can also enter the roof of a skyscraper and glide through the water like Jesus (although he did not need to motorcycle).

It is also a great thing kowbojsko-stunt atmosphere of the movie. For fans rock'and roll will be another advantage. Also it makes a great impression the figure Rider. In leather, studded spikes, jacket, accompanied by a motorcycle-like skeleton and skull of a burning furiously he looks really brilliant. Unfortunately, this can not be said of his opponents. Blackheart and allied with the demons look at the main character like a bunch of lunatics villagers. Apart from infantilism scenario, the second major downside is acting.

Cage as the main character gives a stain on the whole line, the game as if he had no desire to take part in the whole project.

His film partner Eva Mendes once again proves that it is hopeless actress. Her playing is limited to serving sweet Mineka native of romantic comedies. I promised myself a lot of the role of Wes Bentley, who a few years ago revealed himself brilliantly in the role of "American beauty", but was disappointed and on it.

Throughout the duration of the film he is trying to scare us his menacing smile, but it fails to do this well. The role of Satan was entrusted to Peter Fondzie, writers plunged but this figure the worst of all giving it to terminate the most hackneyed lyrics. The devil is in the implementation Fonda comical, funny instead of frightening. Even the special effects in this case not much passed. How different is the role of master of maneuver Al Pacino in "Devil's Advocate". A pleasant surprise is, however, a solid (the only one in the entire film) Sam Elliott's role as a mysterious undertaker helping Blaze'owi tame his devilish powers. To sum up: "Ghost Rider" is a film that is only a feast for the eye.

Great execution and visual effects make it if no attention is paid to the poor, dripping with kitsch dialogues and poor play actors, watching him light and pleasant. I write this from the position of a person having no contact with the comic book ever. Perhaps fans of the genre and the true lovers of Rider in the service of Satan will see in the film more than mayhem ..