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There are few good video game adaptations. The list consists of practically two titles - "Resident Evil" and "Silent Hill". Although fans still complain today that these films did not quite meet their expectations. I am glad there that at least these paintings are quite virulent.

Anyway, what does the competition look like? A stream of gniots from my favorite director (who is wiser to see cynicism here) Uwe Boll.

In addition, "Doom", "Tomb Raider" or "Dead Or Alive" (that is, something that even Uwe criticized - so it is not a total bezgust). Well, say - does anything deserve a grade (school scale) higher than satisfactory? Well, not necessarily. That's why I had great hopes for the movie "Hitman". First of all, this is my favorite series of games (next to GTA), secondly, directing was taken by someone new, someone, say, starting work in the industry.

Another debuting director, Zack Snyder, won the hearts of viewers with his first films (both works in very "game" climates - "Dawn of the Dead" and "300"). I was counting on an encore, praying for another miracle, for some discovery in the world of cinema. And above all, I was hoping to watch a decent film that would retain the atmosphere of an interactive original. But as always, too much optimism hurt me. Although it can't be called a total failure, "Hitman" has disappointed its fans. The captivating story of an Iranian woman Unfortunately? Long before the premiere, an uproar broke out on the Internet. Everyone was arguing about who should play the main character of Codename 47. There were a lot of suggestions, but Jason Statham suited me best.

I like him very much - the peasant is suitable for the role of film tough guys, he has already proved that in movies such as "Adrenaline", "Transporter" or "War". In addition, the actor resembles a Romanian clone, created to kill. However funny it may sound, it would be perfect for me. However, the director chose someone else - Timothy Olyphant. And this one, and what else, did not fit his role completely. His face was slightly childish, his voice fairly calm, and the only thing close to the original in his physiognomy was the back of his head. Oval, bald poppy head with a bar code around the neck - only this looked quite tolerable. Half of the poverty that the actor was slightly different from the character he played, the script turned out to be a nail in the casket. Snow White on college I have always wondered: since so many great screenings of books and comics are created, why are there no longer ready-made scripts when transferring a video game to the silver screen, but new ones. After all, such a solution, provided that the story is not supervised by the screenwriter, is a doomed project. Hardly anyone manages to preserve the original atmosphere and honey. In case of "Hitman" it is no different. You could use the story from the first part of the game. Or at least successfully mix the latest installment, or "Bloody Fortune". Instead, it was decided to create something completely new, which, unfortunately, completely does not maintain the dark, stealth atmosphere of the game.

Codename 47 is commissioned to assassinate Russian politician Mikhail Belicoff. Of course, something does not go out there and he has to face his clients.

Between the katana fights (!!!) with other hitmen (some have a beard, others black skin color - something, you can see, cloning them recently in the company) and shootings with gangsters (plaster is falling from the walls nice - only that this is "Hitman", not "Kane and Lynch"!), 47 meets Nika - a woman of loose morals, practicing the oldest profession in the world. The full face of Sadist Of course, a paid killer and tough guys have few problems with women (I have a real desire to push the screenwriter off a steep slope). According to the director, this results in some funny situations. This was to introduce a moral problem to the film, where Codename 47 would reflect on the sense of existence and love. If Gens thought that pushing something like that into a movie that tells about a ruthless killer clone who could unscrupulously strangle a woman with a shoelace, it would be good for him, I would suggest arranging a return visit to the psychologist, throwing away the jar with the old, pink pills.

In other words - what was he thinking? That if the film does not have too many references to the game, although, fortunately, there are several such, will it at least give some love story? If so, sincere congratulations - black pudding came out. At least when it comes to film adaptation of the game, because as an independent film, it can and will find fans as such. I have already mentioned some flavors that only fans of the series can detect. Among them is the music in the intro - Ave Maria. However, while in the fourth part of the game it built a climate, it simply does not do it here.

He just plays on the first few stages where young clones grow up in difficult conditions and train in their fencing. But whatever, I consider it a plus. Come on, cool after